Ghost Walk Tour Descriptions

2023 Tour Information

Mysteries in the Moonlight Tour – Rated PG

Story Titles

1. Soiled Earth – While the church has been around for over a century, what is the story of the farm which stood on this land years before?  And why is it that nothing good can grow here?

2. The Collective – A powerful and ruthless businessperson is approached by an elite organization which specializes in dispatching enemies using the power of ill will.

3. Knock Knock- An amorous fool is haunted by the love he let slip through his fingers. 

4. Don’t Let it In – A slumber party is haunted by a mysterious beast (Darkness required)

Tour Performers – North High School, Arlington High School, Poly High School

Shadows and Secrets Tour – Rated PG-13

Story Titles

1. Teacher’s Pet – Welcome to Back to School Night where and Mrs. Summers may be missing, her students have certainly been learning a lot that they would like to share with their parents.

2. Mom – A family reminisces about the mother they lost a year ago, however not every sibling seems to share the same rose-colored glasses of the past

3. Don’t Be Chicken – Despite the protests of the Vegan Student Union, Sam is getting set for the big BBQ fundraiser.  But when a mysterious spice from the backwoods of Louisiana finds its way into the kitchen, Sam finds it may be time for a change of menu. 

4. Dewey Dead-cimal System – Students uncover the lost diary of Ms. Sitcher, a librarian who went mad and cut out the tongues of noisy children.  They said her spirit can held fund the answers to all of life’s questions, but be careful not to ask too loudly. 

Tour Performers– King High School, Ramona High School, Poly High School

Eerie Enchantments Tour – Rated PG-13

Story Titles

A Pair of Normal Investigators – Something strange is happening in the halls of this old school, but luckily The Ministry of Peculiarities is on hand to investigate!  Join the team as they see if you have what it takes.

Ghosts in the Machine – You can’t hunt ghosts without the latest tech!  Ever since WIlliam Mumler captured the first ghost on camera, technology has been picking up the energy of something just out of reach.  When you snap a picture, who knows what mysteries may develop!

Screaming is Believing – A story for the skeptics amongst us.  What marks the difference between an uncanny coincidence and evidence of the unknown?  Pick a card, any card, and find out tonight!

The Final Test – You’ve harnessed your abilities, you’ve seen sights, but now it is time to apply your skills.  Mind over matter!  You needlekeep your wits about you to pierce this mystery!

Tour Performers – Eddie Grimm and The Ministry of Peculiarities