California Riverside Ballet (CRB) is dedicated to the advancement and accessibility of classical and contemporary ballet to our local community. Founded in 2022, the CRB scholarships’ purpose is to broaden the instruction and performance opportunities for the underserved communities and aspiring dancers of Riverside County, California. These scholarships act to further our mission of enriching life through the presentation of classical and contemporary ballet. 

Now accepting applications

California Riverside Ballet Summer Intensive Fund

The Purpose of the Fund

CRB will offer financial need-based scholarships to qualified students accepted into a Professional Summer Intensive Program within the United States. 

Amount: $500-$2,000 eligible towards tuition or program-provided housing, to be submitted directly to the program in the recipient’s name.

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Coming Fall 2022

California Riverside Ballet Tuition Assistance Scholarship Program

The Purpose of the Fund

Scholarships associated with this Program will only be eligible for use at an approved school/studio in Riverside County, California. Any school/studio may apply to be considered for the program by completing an online application and agreeing to abide by the program’s terms and conditions.

Students applying for financial assistance do not necessarily need to be enrolled in pre-professional or professional ballet training. The minimum requirement is that the funds be used for ballet instruction at any level.

Application to launch in Summer 2022.

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